School Profile

School Report Card (PDF)


Type: Choice high school preparing students for engineering and technical careers

Grades: 9-12

Enrollment: 423

Principal: William Hittman

School Counselor: Lynette Anderson

The CEEB/ACT Code Number: 501-822

2008-2009 Enrollment

376 young men and women from all areas of the Kenosha Unified School District

297 male students – 80%

79 female students – 20 %

71 students of color – 19%

Average class size - 23


22 faculty members

55% have or are working toward master’s degrees

17/1 student/teacher ratio

376/1 student/counselor ratio


The academic program is organized on a block schedule. A maximum load is 4 credits per semester with students carrying four 90-minute block classes. The course work is considered very rigorous.

Graduation Requirements

Credits Subject

4 English

4 Mathematics

4 Science

4 Social Studies

1.5 Physical Education

.5 Health

.5 Consumer Education

Electives (Engineering, Information Technology or Automated Manufacturing Systems)

26 Total Credits

The Community

Kenosha County encompasses a total of 278.5 square miles, and consists of one city, four villages and seven towns. The 2000 Census of Kenosha County shows a population of 149,577, a 16.6% increase since 1990. Kenosha is bordered on the east by Lake Michigan and is located in the extreme southeast portion of Wisconsin bordering Illinois. The Kenosha Unified School District covers the communities of Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie and Somers, WI. The district enrollment is approximately 21,000 students in 23 elementary schools, 7 middle schools, and 5 high schools.

The School

LakeView Technology Academy is located in LakeView Industrial Park in Pleasant Prairie, WI. The school opened in 1997. It's a unique partnership between Kenosha Area Business Alliance, WISPARK Corporation, Gateway Technical College and the Kenosha Unified School District. LakeView was created for students interested in pursuing careers in Manufacturing and Engineering. The Technology Academy offers Gateway Technical College credit for graduating students. LakeView also offers coursework from the Project Lead the Way pre-engineering curriculum. The school services students from their freshmen to senior year, with a maximum capacity of 380 students. The students receive community input through community leaders and parents in the school's Site Council. Students also have a say in daily matters through the student-led Board of Directors. Classes are 90-minute blocks.

College Entrance

Test Data


Graduating Class of: Number: Composite:

2004 12 18.7

2005 24 21.2

2006 25 21.5

2007 35 23.2

2008 38 23.2

Grading and Ranking

LakeView Technology Academy assigns letter grades using a 4.0 system. Letter grades are assigned as follows:

A = 90% - 100%; B = 80% – 89%; C = 70% - 79%; D = 60% - 69%; F = 59% or less.

Weighted grades are given for all district approved Honors and AP courses. All credit classes are included in computing grade point average and class rank.

WKCE Test Results 2005-2009