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eSchool Registration

Students go to eSchool’s website at http://eschool.kusd.edu/ to create their account.
Students can then either print off a course request form or they can get a copy from their respective school counselor. This form must be signed by the parent, student, and counselor if they are planning to attend eschool as a part time student. (For those that want to be full time, a counselor signature is not required.)
The form must be turned in to the eSchool office either by fax, mail, e-mail, or in person.
Once the form has been received by the eSchool office, the student will be sent an e-mail inviting he/she to complete the orientation course. Once this has been done successfully, the student will either be enrolled in their course(s) or put on a waiting list depending on our enrollment at the time.
For those students who have already created an account and have completed the orientation only need to complete and turn in a signed course request form.

When the students go to the eSchool website at http://eschool.kusd.edu/ they can view course offerings and print off a course request form. When they want to register (set up an account,) they can click on Register at the top of our webpage.

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