From the Liaison Police Officer

As the school year winds down and we all look to summer, here are some importanWe are off to a great year at Lakeview and your teens are making that possible. Please take some time to review the following rules with them as these have become problem areas for our students.

  • Backpacks and jackets are not allowed in class.
  • Backpacks may be brought into class if they are see-through or mesh.
  • Backpacks and jackets can be brought to school, but then need to remain in their lockers.
  • Computer misuse is dealt with severely. This school is so computer reliant, that we have adopted a zero tolerance policy on computer misuse. If your teen abuses the computers in ANY way, he/she could be sent back to their home school permanently. Going to unapproved web sites, downloading unauthorized material, playing video games, are just a few things that could get your teen in big trouble.
  • The use of audio electronics is forbidden in class. I-pods, MP-3’s, etc. can only be listened to in the commons or outside during break time and lunch.
  • Cell phones need to be turned off and placed in their lockers during class time. Students may use cell phones outside during morning break and lunch.

If you as parents ever have any questions, please feel free to call me during the school day at 359-8155. I am eager to talk to any of you than have a comment/concern or have a question. I am looking forward to another great year at Lakeview and I hope we can count on your support. Thank you,

School Resource Officer Hackney #165