How To Start




How to Start

Project Requirement

Scientific Method

Intent Form

Forms & Deadlines

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First things…first

  • Choose something your interested in!

  • Talk to people such as teachers, scientists and other professionals

  • Read about the subject your interested in

  • Review similar studies performed by others

  • Find a problem or question you want to work on

  • Decide on your project idea (Science fair has categories: biology, chemistry, computer science, etc)

  • choose a problem

  • develop a question or hypothesis Ask a teacher, parent, relative, or friend to sponsor/mentor you

  • Make a list of answers to the questions you have

  • Predict the outcome of your project

  • Explain how your project supports your purpose/ problem?

  • Review s cience fair rules and regulations

  • Get approval for you project (from safety committee)
  • Purchase all project materials from supply companies

    Choose a topic area

    · Biology, Health & Medicine

    · Environmental Science

    · Physics

    · Chemistry

    · Behavioral & Social Science

    · Earth & Planet Science

    · Engineering

    · Mathematics

    · Computers

    · Robotics

    Choose Project Type

    · Experiment

    · Research Study

    · Building/Innovation





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