How to Start

Project Requirement

Scientific Method

Intent Form

Forms & Deadlines

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Useful Web Resources

Good General Sites

The Discovery Channel's Science Fair Studio

Science Fair Project

The Internet Public Library

Ultimate Science Fair Resource

Ideas for Projects

Discovery Channel School: Science Fair Central
Dr. Shawn's 10 Easy Steps to Science Fair Success
Center Science Fair Projects

FactMonster: Science Fair Projects

Cyber Fair: Idea Generation

Topic Ideas

All Science Fair Projects

Arts Magnet School: Science Fair Ideas

Bug Info: Science Fair Project Suggestions

Wiley: Developing a Science Fair Project

Canadian Mathematical Society: Math Projects

Energy Quest Science Fair Projects

Exploratorium: The Science Explorer

Neuroscience for Kids: Experiments and Activities

Project Ideas for Science Fairs

Science Fair Central: Project Ideas

Science News for Kids

Student Idea Exchange at Dr. Shawn's Tail-Kicking Science Projects's Science Fair Central

Neuroscience for Kids

Cyberbee: Science Fair Project

Scientific Method

Intel ISEF: The Scientific Method
Lansing Public Library

Plymouth Schools: The Scientific Method

Science Buddies: Introduction to the Scientific Method

7 Steps To A Successful Project

Science Buddies

Science Buddies: Background Research a nd Biographies

Scientific Method - Science Fair Handbook

Collect Your Data - Step 4 - 7 Steps to a Successful Project

Science Buddies: Variable & Hypothesis


Charts and Graphs

Create a Graph

Writing a Report

Dr. Shawn's Secrets to Writing a Winning Science Fair Project Report

Science Service: Writing Your Abstract

ScI-Journal | Hints and tips - referencing

Display Your Project

The Display - Janice VanCleave's Science Fair Handbook at

How to Display Results Display Boards

Oral Presentations

Greensburg K-12: Oral Presentation

Presentation and Evaluation - Janice VanCleave's Science Fair Handbook at

Twin Groves: Oral Presentation

Judging Projects

The Science Fair Judging Sheet

Science Fair Supplies

Supply Companies

Online store





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