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Welcome! This is our third year for the Kenosha Regional Science and Engineering Fair. Last year we had over 150 projects competing for awards and prizes. This year we hope to see more schools and even more students involved. This fair is open to any high school age student in Kenosha county.



Thursday March 12th


@ University of Parkside's ballroom

3:30 pm to ~6 pm

Awards 3/16/2015 at LTA


Science Fair brochure

Who can participate?

· Any high school student in Kenosha County

· If you are interested you must contact us and fill out some forms by January 15th 2015.

Why participate?

· Gives you a chance to show you're smart and creative

· Prizes

· A good thing to put on college applications

· Challenge yourself

  • Work individually or with a partner

Three basic types of projects:

  • Experimental Type

  • Study/Description Type

  • Building/Innovation Type

Experimental Type

  • Most common type

  • It investigates a scientific issue

  • Performing an experiment

Study/Descriptive Type

  • Based on an existing scientific principle/phenomenon

  • Describes the existing phenomenon

Building/Innovation Type

  • Designing and building scientific/technological device or machine

  • Solve a particular problem

  • Test your device by conducting experiments

Acknowledgment: this site is based on materials from the Bagger State and Intel National science and engineering fairs.


Important dates for Honor’s Science class:
  • All students that have gotten their project approved should now be actively working on their project!
  • Any project involving dangerous items must be done under adult supervision and safety equipment should be worn. 
  • Any questions see your science teacher.

State Fair

Saturday March, 21 2015 at MSOE





For additional information, please contact                  

The Co-Directors

Howard Towne htowne@kusd.edu


Carrieann Glembockicglembock@kusd.edu 

 Lakeview Technology Academy

 (262) 359-8155

  Fax (262) 359-8159